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What we do

Brand studio crafts impactful visuals, copy, video and brand experiences for all facets of the ServiceTitan organization

The vision of Brand Studio is to have technical leads overseeing the main creative disciplines of copywriting, video, design, and operations. Each lead is responsible for strategy, implementation, protocols, and quality control for the creative output of the individuals they manage. Arranging the team around these core competencies promotes strong collaboration, career pathing, and brand consistency while putting our team, our partners, and the organization in a position to succeed in all creative endeavors.

Brand Resources

Jaz Infante
Creative Director

Rayner Olson
Design Manager

Chris Siciliano
Lead Copywriter

Ariana Ceballos
Project Manager, Marketing

Fred Deniz

Bryan Ho
Sr. Designer

Angela Maximo
Sr. Designer

Genesis Huchim

Dylan Bragassa

Cassidy Hinshaw
Associate Copywriter

Gus Gavino
Video Editor