We use Google Material Icons for all small icons and any assets that need directional/navigational visuals.

Icon Principles

System icons are designed to be simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky. Each icon is reduced to its minimal form, expressing essential characteristics. Icon shapes are bold and geometric. They have a symmetrical and consistent look, ensuring readability and clarity, even at small sizes. Never use icons that have organic shape or very thin lines. This will make them less legible and harder to scale.

Icon Rules / Details

When using the material icons we tend to stick to the “Filled” icon set to simplify our library even more. The setting on the right will show the exact settings to select before downloading your icon set.

Custom Icons

In addition to the Google Material Icons, we have an extensive library of ServiceTitan specific icons that follow the guidelines of the Google Material Icons. Custom iconography is only permitted with the approval from the Brand Studio.