Optimizing Organization: Part 2  Brand Studio's Streamlined File Storage System

Published on
February 14, 2024
Ariana Ceballos
Project Manager, Marketing
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In case you didn’t read Part 1: Brand Studio's Comprehensive Naming Conventions, or just need a quick recap, here is the TL;DR:

Objective: streamline the organization of creative assets, optimize productivity, and make collaboration more intuitive and efficient.

Solution: a new file naming convention that is led by a new Identification (ID) tag composed of a three-part grouping of digits identifying the Creative Discipline, Department, and Deliverable.

That was step one. The step two challenge for the team was to solve for the disconnect between our project management tool, Asana, and our digital asset management (DAM) platforms, such as Google Drive and Wistia.

Asana Integration: Project Name

To begin to align Asana and DAM platforms, all project titles in Asana now match their corresponding files across applications like Google Drive, Figma, and Wistia. Important to note is that we considered factors like company initiatives, formal names, customer focus, and deliverable type in drafting descriptive and intuitive project names, even if it meant changing the original project titles as submitted by our partners.

Asana Integration: Fields for ID Tags

PMs created three fields in Asana for each identification category: Creative, Department, and Deliverable. The addition of these fields made it simple for Creatives to note the ID tag for their final files.

File Storage on Google Drive

Most creative assets, especially for Copy and Design, will find a home in a central and shared Google Drive. Our Shared Creative Drive amongst the three Brands, ServiceTitan, Aspire and Field Routes, follow this structure:

• Yearly Folders: Dedicated folders for each calendar year.
• Creative Discipline Folders: One for each creative discipline: Design, Copy, or Video.
• Department Folders and Subfolders: One for each identified Department. Some departments have additional subfolders for additional cataloging.
• Project Folders: Houses all deliverables for each discipline for a specific project.

The folder click-through journey for saving files is as follows:

Creative Drive > Year > Creative Discipline > Department > Sub-folder > Project name.

Projects with Multiple Assets

For projects with multiple deliverable types, all files go under the same project name folder. If there are multiple assets for the same deliverable type, we nest them under the main deliverable folder.

To sum up, the recent implementation of Brand Studio's updated naming conventions and file storage system sought to bring structure and uniformity to the previously chaotic creative environment. With a clear and standardized approach, the Brand team has since enhanced collaboration, creativity, and overall project efficiency.

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