The pictogram style that we use is based on simple geometric shapes that represent the literal concept we are trying to convey. Typically we use our pictograms for larger formats that allow the illustrations to be the hero, in some use cases you can use them as elements to support your design and pair them together.

Standard Pictogram

The standard pictograms are the most literal expression of a concept. These are often used in a composition with other pictograms to support your design they are small, simple and literal. They usually do not include any people or compose a scene but can include some additional branding elements, depending on the use case.

Complex Pictograms

These are more complex versions of standard pictograms. Often, they are semi-literal representations of a single concept you’re trying to portray. They visually represent more of a scene rather than a single literal objects, and usually showcase a more complex idea. These pictograms are stand alone and shouldn’t be grouped with others pictograms unless approval is given from the Brand Studio.

Pictogram Rules / Details

Use consistent line work, in the example above we use the same line weight for every element.
Limit your color usage to only the color palette provided and use your best judgement to create a balanced color ratio that works within your composition.

To create depth and more perspective for the complex pictograms you may use the gradient to do so. Be purposeful when using gradients and make sure there’s a reason for including it.