Uniting Creativity: Crafting the Brand Studio™ Constitution

Published on
February 14, 2024
Jaz Infante
Creative Director
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As our team at ServiceTitan's Brand Studio experienced exponential growth and embraced the challenges of remote work, we recognized the importance of cultivating a strong team culture. The ever-expanding realm of creative endeavors demands a unified vision, shared values, and a distinct team identity to navigate the complexities that arise. At ServiceTitan's Brand Studio, this need for cohesion and collaboration led us on an inspiring journey towards the creation of our very own team constitution. In this blog post, we will dive into the process behind our team's constitution and the value it brings to our collective creative endeavors.

The Constitution-Building Process

To embark on the creation of our team constitution, we organized an on-site meeting that provided a conducive space for creativity, collaboration, and open dialogue. Gathering in person, we recognized the value of face-to-face interaction in fostering deeper connections and understanding among team members. For many of our team members, this on-site was the first time they were meeting some of their colleagues in-person.

Before commencing the constitution-building process, we established clear outcomes and expectations for the off-site meeting. We communicated the purpose of creating a team constitution, emphasizing the importance of capturing our collective values, principles, and aspirations. This clarity enabled everyone to align their mindset and actively participate in the constitution-building journey.

We leveraged breakout groups as an effective brainstorming tactic. Dividing into smaller teams gave individuals more freedom to join in the discussions. Each group focused on specific aspects of the constitution, such as culture, productivity, and collaboration. This approach allowed for more unfiltered discussions, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas to emerge.

Throughout the constitution-building process, open dialogue and collaboration were encouraged and valued. Team members were given the freedom to express their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations for the Brand Studio. This inclusiveness ensured that every voice was heard and that the constitution truly represented the collective spirit of the team.

Following the on-site meeting, we compiled the ideas, insights, and proposals generated by each breakout group. The next step involved a series of iterative revisions, discussions, and feedback sessions. This iterative process allowed us to distill the essence of our shared values and aspirations, ultimately resulting in a cohesive and comprehensive team constitution.

Living Our Shared Values and Vision

The final version of our team constitution embodies the culmination of our collective effort. It reflects our shared values of creativity, open-mindedness, collaboration, and accountability. It encapsulates our vision of delivering the most elevated brand that connects the trades and technology. By formalizing these principles, we reinforce our commitment to excellence, unity, and the unwavering support we provide to one another as a team.  It serves as a guiding light, instilling a shared sense of purpose and identity within our team members. By clearly defining our cultural values, collaborative work processes, and commitment to one another, the constitution helps us navigate the ever-evolving creative landscape with confidence.

The process of developing the Brand Studio constitution at ServiceTitan has been transformative for our team, fostering a sense of shared purpose, unity, and creativity. This document serves as our compass, guiding us through collaborative projects and pushing us to reach new heights of creative excellence. By embracing our team constitution, we forge stronger bonds, create a harmonious work environment, and continue to deliver outstanding results for our partners and the brand we represent.

Brand Studio™ Constitution

Article I. Culture - Who we are as people

We are highly creative professionals, free of ego, yet better positioned than any other Titan to speak to and defend our areas of expertise. We know ourselves and our partner’s processes and trust our skill sets to be able to guide our partners through projects and reach the best solutions.

We are:

  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Have a POV
  • Subject matter experts/scholars
  • Embrace change

Article II. Productivity - How we work

We always do the best work in the time available, giving all partners and projects the attention they deserve, without sacrificing quality, integrity, or our own sanity and well-being. We:

  • Do not work in a silo
  • Always work collaboratively
  • Are relationship-builders
  • Are not a service but creative strategists
  • Are diligent, efficient, and detail-oriented

Article III. Collaboration - How we show up for each other

We are one unified front. We are each other’s biggest advocates and continue to strive for creative excellence by holding ourselves to a high standard. We:

  • Attend meetings / creative reviews / are present in Slack
  • Know when to bring other creatives in
  • Lend our creative expertise / skills to teammates' projects
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Have each other's backs; everything is a Brand Studio decision

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