Meet the team

We, the members of the Brand Studio, in order to push creative boundaries, ensure cross-functional harmony, create work that is consistent and inspiring, and develop elevated brands that connect the trades to technology, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Creatives of ServiceTitan.

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We are a team of highly creative professionals, unified in our commitment to quality, free of ego, but more qualified and better positioned than any other Titan to speak to our areas of expertise. As a group, we are:

Open minded
Embrace change
Experts of our disciplines


We do the best work possible in the time available, giving all partners and projects the attention they deserve, without sacrificing quality, integrity, or our own sanity and well-being. To achieve this, we:

Put the product first
Keep partners informed
Collaborate with stakeholders
Actively build relationships
Blend strategy and creativity
Are diligent and detail oriented


We recognize and appreciate the needs and challenges of our teammates and partners. We trust in our ability to support our colleagues while also pursuing our own versions of excellence, understanding that our primary goal is always the success of the company. To this end, we:

Compromise when in the company’s best interest
Give constructive feedback when asked
Receive constructive feedback with grace
Know when to bring other creatives on board
Lend our expertise to teammates when needed
Make time for colleagues

Meet the team

Jaz Infante
Creative Director

Rayner Olson
Design Manager

Chris Siciliano
Lead Copywriter

Ariana Ceballos
Project Manager, Marketing

Fred Deniz

Bryan Ho
Sr. Designer

Angela Maximo
Sr. Designer

Genesis Huchim

Dylan Bragassa

Cassidy Hinshaw
Associate Copywriter

Gus Gavino
Video Editor